Sufferers of Back Pain Find Pilates For Back Pain the Answer to Their Back Pain Prayers

For people with chronic back pain, there is typically a period of denial. They wake up in the morning a little sore, and do not think much about it. However, if each morning gets a little worse, eventually the pain and stiffness catches up with them and they start looking for some answers. The first step in getting help is usually the family doctor, who will probably tell them to take it easy, uses NSAIDs when necessary, and try to exercise more. That last part is likely the best part of his advice, as Pilates for back pain has proven to be a godsend for many sufferers.

There are great DVDs available to teach the warm up exercises that will increase circulation and help relax the body as the virtual Pilates coach talks them through the exercises and provides tips along the way to target those specific areas and muscles which are causing the pain. DVDs are the ideal form of lower back pain Pilates programs, as they can guide you smoothly through the exercises by demonstrating, unlike books or audio CD programs. Being able to see clearly how to perform each exercise, and which muscles to specifically target will help relieve the pain much more quickly.

The beauty of Pilates for Back Pain Relief is that anyone can do them. If the pain is extreme, often a modified or less difficult version can be performed instead until the person reaches a higher level. Another thing that is great about Pilates is that there all several different levels available, so as a person becomes healthier and fit, they can move up to a more challenging version while maintaining the basics that they initially learned.

Once beginning a Pilates regimen, most people will see an improvement within days if they are doing the exercises on a regular basis and doing them correctly. Often, after completing each routine, they will feel a difference immediately in their flexibility and comfort level. Additionally, an overall reduction in pain in the lower back at all times is another side benefit. Pilates for the back is very direct exercise, as it targets the specific areas where needed, and people can usually feel that difference in those areas right away after doing a series of Pilates for stretches and poses.

People nowadays are busy and physical therapy and orthopedic specialists are expensive, so doesn’t it make sense to use a DVD with Pilates for back pain exercises to heal your pain and prevent future damage and pain?

Tips For Back Pain Relief

Did you know that back pain is one of the most common neurological disorders in the US? In fact, the only neurological disorder more common than back pain back pain according to the N.I.H. is a headache. That really says a lot when considering that many people don’t really know what to do about relieving themselves of back pain other than taking some pain relievers and hoping that it goes away. There are many things a person can do in order to reduce and/or help eliminate symptoms caused by back pain caused by such things as muscle tissue damage, osteoporosis, and more. Our goal in this article is to help bring some of those treatments and therapies to your attention in order to help relieve back pain now and even help to prevent its worsened effects in the future.

Some of our recommended therapies include:

Try massage therapy

Learning to breathe more properly while focusing on mind-body connections. (Alexander Technique)

Practice yoga



Bowen therapy

Capsaicin cream

Stress relief music and relaxation cds


Vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin D


Willow Bark

Vitamin B12

All of these recommendations have shown evidence of providing pain relief in many individuals and it would be a wonderful idea to look into each of these in order to see which one or more of these would suit your personal needs the best. It is also important to stress the fact that in addition to daily routines such as the aforementioned, regular usage of a memory foam mattress will also help provide relief from back pain due to its contouring and cradling effects in the visco-elastic material inside the mattress.

As we mention at the MFN website, memory foam mattresses provide pain relief through the temperature sensitive memory foam material. This material is what allows for proper spinal alignment as well as proper blood flow through the body as you sleep. This type of arrangement with a new memory foam mattress and pillow has helped many people since it first came onto the market in 1991 and has received quite an extraordinary response.